Customer experience involves the emotion of purchasing process.

According to an article published on By Daniel Newman.


Starting with mapping of customer journey, improving the customer experience involves the consideration of psychology and emotion of the purchasing process and not just the rational dimension. Increasing emotional appeal to the consumer naturally facilitate the customer experience, and this allows to discover great opportunities unexplored.


mapping of customer journey
inspired by Dell : Mastering customer experience starts with customer journey mapping

  1. Determining your personas.
    • Can you pick out three to five personality and lifestyle profiles for your target market
  2. Evaluating your market reach.
    • Start drawing a visual map of each touch point you make with a consumer for each persona you want to target.
  3. Mapping data to touch points.
    • Spend some time evaluating how many visitors, leads, and customers you net from each channel of the customer journey.
  4. Identify action points.
    • Use the maps to extrapolate the areas or touch points where consumers make a decision to purchase.
  5. Compare maps.
    • Looking at the maps for each persona, identify overall trends for conversion success and where your company seems to fall short.

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